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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Top Ten Plants To Grow Indoors Some of My Favorite Houseplants

My top ten favorite indoor houseplants have been chosen from years of growing. I love almost any plant outdoors, but I'm very picky when it comes to plants I'm willing to grow indoors. Since my space and light for growing plants is quite limited in my home, I expect to be rewarded handsomely for my efforts. I want color, fragrance, minimum maintenance and benefit.

1. Miniature Roses are among my all time favorites for houseplants. With color almost non-stop, the reward for the space and time invested is great. The biggest requirement for beautiful miniature roses indoors is a sunny window, good air circulation and not to over water.

2. Aloe Plant is a must to me indoors.During the winter months, I do more cooking, baking, fudge and we use our fireplace all season which for me means many of those small annoying burns. I love having a healthy Aloe plant on hand to pinch off a section and soothe the burn with pure aloe gel. Aloe likes soil to be on the dry side and bright light-not direct sun. Super easy indoors.

3. Purple Striped Wandering Jew Plant is one of the easiest plants I've ever grown indoors. Not picky about soil, water or light and it grows quickly! A true must have indoor beauty!

4.Purple Velvet plant is so exotic looking indoors that it has become another top pick. It is not fussy about soil, likes to have moist(not soggy) soil and bright light and drapes beautifully in a hanging basket.

5. Coffee Tree is an indoor beauty everyone can grow indoors. It will not tolerate direct sun, enjoys medium to bright light. It enjoys well drained soil and to be slightly dry. With foliage so glossy it looks like the leaves have been polished. When mature, it will bear coffee beans which can be roasted to grind.

6. Key Lime Tree is easy to grow indoors with glossy green leaves, which when broken smell like fresh limes. A Key Lime tree is perfectly happy to spend its entire life in a 1-2 gal pot and will produce an abundance a tangy fruit when mature. It is not upset to be pruned to a size manageable indoors. Happy in a sunny window, it likes well drained soil.

 7.Patchouli Plant is one of the most fragrant plants to grow indoors. The exotic scent is released anytime the leaves are touched. Sun to part shade and moist, well drained soil make this an easy houseplant.

8.Pregnant Onion is one plant I grow just for fun. Children get such a smile kick out watching all the little baby bulbs pop on the main bulb! Super easy to grow indoors and requires very little care.

9. Pomegranate trees add a lovely green airy look as an indoor plant. Easy and undemanding, they can move outdoors in the Spring.

10. Lemon Eucalyptus has such a refreshing fragrance that it has earned a place on my must have indoors list. It loves sun or bright light, tolerates dry soil when ignored or forgotten and a few leaves boiled in water then strained produces a great,safe insect repellent.

 Far from being the only plants I enjoy growing indoors, these are ten of my favorites.
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